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Thank you to everyone who attended the December Junior Players Meeting.
We hope you all found it informative and if you have any questions
please email us and we will be happy to help.
Winter nets details are now below
We look forward to seeing you all there!
(Download the Junior Welcome Pack here)

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We are proud to be an ECB focus club, providing junior cricket for all abilities and genders from the age of 5 through to 17. With a growing number of Level 2 coaches, a group of up and coming young helpers and incredibly efficient team managers, we provide an environment that allows our young players to experience the benefits of playing team sport. Our experienced coaches operate within a system that has allowed for the rapid development of young players, some of whom go on to represent their District, County or Region and our own Men’s and Women’s First Teams. 

From the top of the club down, our objective is to be part of our community and we have strong links to the 12 schools within our local area. By providing a safe space for young people to experience and play sport, we are proud to have seen many of our young players continue to grow our sense of serving others through volunteering within our own community, nationally and overseas, spreading the Cove Cricket Club message far and wide.  

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Our simple strategy of 'Love It, Learn It, Live It' allows for all players and parents to understand where they are in their cricketing journey. At the younger ages, our aim is to bring fun and enjoyment to our players and help them to fall in love with the great game of cricket. As they progress through the older age groups, we continue to focus on enjoyment, but through a technical skill and personal development lens. During this phase, we believe in helping our young players understand the game and how to compete, supporting them as they learn it.


By engaging young people in cricket through them falling in love with the game and supporting them in learning and understanding its nuances, we create the perfect platform for cricket to become a part of their lives. We support our young players to 'Live It', by providing a clear pathway into Senior Cricket, County and Representative cricket and funding for them to become the coaches of tomorrow so that we can continue to enable cricket to have a positive impact on the lives of others within our community for many years to come.  

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Inclusivity runs through the heart of our club and our Junior section has the same goals as our Senior section, to provide fun and competitive cricket for all abilities and genders in the hope that our young players progress through the system and become our Senior Men’s and Women’s or W10 cricketers of tomorrow, as well as contribute in other ways within the Club.



Summer training - takes place during the School Summer Term, either on Monday or Friday evenings (depending on age group) at our ground at Grasmere Road.


Winter (indoor) Training - Takes place  normally from February to the end of the School Spring Term.


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